This morning I began my usual routine of daytime procrastination and took to the internet. I noticed a new phenomenon had taken over the internet overnight, being referred to rather crudely as “The Fappening”.

I’ll outline what has happened for anyone who’s missed it. Nude photos of various female celebrities, most notably Jennifer Lawrence, have been leaked and exploded over the internet. Anonymous users on 4Chan have said the photos were procured by hacking the celebrities private iCloud accounts. 

The fact people think it’s okay to invade anyone’s privacy in this way (regardless of whether they live in the public eye or no) irritates me well enough, but it’s the internet’s reaction to the leaks that really gets me going. 

Reactions like “if she didn’t want people to see the photos she shouldn’t have taken them” pervade social media comments. WELL, maybe that car crash victim shouldn’t have been driving that day. A women’s body is hers to do with as she pleases. If it makes her feel good to take pictures of herself in a state of undress, let her do it. It’s not anyone’s business but her own whether she takes these pictures let alone what she does with them. 

However, as soon as this women becomes a celebrity these private pictures suddenly become public property. They’re for scores of people to gawk at. The celebrities are being scorned for their ‘careless behaviour’ despite the fact they’ve most likely acted no differently to thousands of other non-famous women in taking those photos. Yes, they’re attractive women and other aspects of their lives are lived very publicly but that doesn’t give you the right to see their private, intimate and sensitive photos!

I don’t care if you want to go masturbate to that stuff, there are sites where people consent to putting up that kind of material. I don’t care if seeing these un-airbrushed celebrity photos suddenly makes you feel better about your own body because you can see it’s ‘imperfect and flawed’ like your own. You need to find a more constructive way to deal with your own insecurities. Try standing in front of a mirror and picking 5 things you like about your own body. 

The people who have done this are not ‘masterminds’, this is not ‘the greatest thing to happen to society’, this is a flagrant invasion of privacy and a demonstration of how far we still have to go as a society in the way we view the female body and sexuality.


Anonymous asked: Would love to but don't have a Tumblr-hence why i'm anon! I'm med school in 2 years- but thought Id start preparing now lol! How did your UKCAT go? :) 

Ah, fair enough! It went okay, It was pretty stressful… I scored above average but it wasn’t spectacular. Make a tumblr and message :P

Anonymous asked: Med school UK right? Have you done your UKCat yet then :) 

Yeah, I’m doing it tomorrow! *major freak out* You doing medicine too? Come off anon, we can me med school buddies!


Recovery is not (and never will be) a race.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Did you make it to med's school? I hioe you did really :) 

I’ll be applying in September. *freaks out a little* Hopefully I will. Thank you very much!