Anonymous asked: Would love to but don't have a Tumblr-hence why i'm anon! I'm med school in 2 years- but thought Id start preparing now lol! How did your UKCAT go? :) 

Ah, fair enough! It went okay, It was pretty stressful… I scored above average but it wasn’t spectacular. Make a tumblr and message :P

Anonymous asked: Med school UK right? Have you done your UKCat yet then :) 

Yeah, I’m doing it tomorrow! *major freak out* You doing medicine too? Come off anon, we can me med school buddies!


Recovery is not (and never will be) a race.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Did you make it to med's school? I hioe you did really :) 

I’ll be applying in September. *freaks out a little* Hopefully I will. Thank you very much!

It’s actually sunny in England at the moment, so I thought I’d talk about caring for your scars in sunny weather. 

Scar tissue is very sensitive, which makes it very easy for scars to get sunburned. This will cause them to redden and go brown much more easily than the surrounding skin. Sun exposure will not only discolour scars, it can also cause the tissue to thicken. Both these things can make your scars more noticeable.

How to protect yourself:

  • Try to keep the scars covered with a bandage or clothes
  • Wear suncream (as high a SPF  as possible, >30 preferably) and reapply often.